Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I did this last year, but it never stuck. Ty would complain about doing chores, I would be aggravated about having to fight with him, I was never satisfied with the outcome and it just didn't seem worth the battle. That's until I read an email, from our children's director, at church, on how important it is that every child contributes to caring for what God has given to them.

I allowed Tyson the summer off from chores, that's bad, I know, but it was just easier and looked nicer if I made his bed. Haha. I am not sure I'll ever make making his bed one of his chores. I like beds to be made with hospital corners and karate chopped pillows. Have no fear though, Tyson is INDEED going to be contributing to the needs of this home from now on.

Ty is doing his chores but sadly to report it is accompanied with much grumbling, which, i's not going unpunished. He, hopefully, will learn one way or the other that he's NOT going to win this battle. The worst part is that the chores are not even difficult. He's just always been the child that likes to wage war against me :)

So far here are day 1 and day 2's chore lists.

Ashely, please do NOT be offended that I had to remind Tyson to write you a thank note. He is still 7 and needs to be taught these things, especially since his mommy is the world's worst about getting thank you notes out. I hope you still appreciate the thank you. I promise I refused to tell him what to write.

I am making a daily, conscious effort, to hug and kiss my kiddos more often. Please don't judge me that I have to remind myself to do this. It's easier to do with the twins since they are still "babies", but I still don't do it enough. I guess I am such a task oriented person that I am just always going or doing and I don't stop for a moment to smell them, hug them, or kiss them. SO.... I am now forcing Ty to make that same conscious effort with me. He laughed yesterday when I said, "You didn't do chore number 4." LOL! And I did get some extra snuggles.

Okay, well off to do some chores of my own :)