Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Visit to Poppy and Cee Cee's Home!!!!

Last weekend, we traveled to Raleigh in honor of my sister Saleece's birthday! The party wasn't until Saturday, but we arrived on Friday and started the "party" then with all kinds of fun. Upon arriving to Raleigh, we met Carlene at this place called "Frankie's Fun House". It was truly the most incredible place for kids AND adults. It was like the largest Chuck E. Cheese you've ever been to. Frankie's had both indoor and outdoor fun, but it started to rain so we were only able to enjoy the indoor portion. After Frankie's we headed over to New York Pizza and then the kids got to enjoy yogurt at one of those new, hip Yogurt places that are opening up everywhere. Lilah, Jax, and Ty always enjoy being with Salene and Saleece. It was nice to get away after our 5-day power outage. Cee Cee is very hospitable and welcoming!!!!! We look forward to our next visit. Maybe even before the summer ends?

Enjoy the photos of our Friday night fun!!!! To see the photos in a larger format, please double click on the photo album below!!!