Saturday, July 14, 2012

Welcome Baby Daniel Joseph Tobin!!!!

Approximately ONE week earlier than expected, baby "Daniel Joseph Tobin" aka "Trip" (because he's a "3rd" ~ named after his grandpa and daddy) entered the world.

My sister, Ashley, gave birth to him NATURALLY (owe) without choice. She had been feeling contractions for several days, but was just working through them. Her and her hubby went to a birthday party tonight, and after being there for a short time, Ashley realized, "it's time!"

They headed to the hospital, were there two hours, and my sister knew that it was time to push. Already 10 cm dilated, Ashely gave it ONE BIG PUSH and bam.......... "TRIP" arrived. Incase you're wondering, "Trip" stands for "Triple".

My sister is my hero. LOL! She gave birth naturally. OWIE! But I quote her, "Oh I wanted an epidural. I was screaming for it, but it was tooooo late!"

I was able to speak to her on the phone just a few short hours after the baby was born. Ashley sounded WIDE awake, perky, and showed no signs of pain. Shew!!! What is it with these women named Ashley/Ashely. They are incredible.

Baby Daniel Joseph Tobin weighs 6 pounds. 3 ounces born on July 14th.
Born 1 DAY before his MOMMY'S Birthday ~ July 15th.

We can't wait to meet him!!!!