Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dance Camp.... Day 2 and Day 3!!!!

This has been ONE craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy week!!!! Up everyday at 5 am, to prepare myself, and my little ballerina for Dance Camp in Blacksburg. I am so happy I took advantage of this groupon deal. It's been great to have Lilah experience this at a discounted price before we commit on a permanent basis. I'm pretty sold though :)

I am sharing the driving responsibilities with two of my best friends. Today was my day to drive, which meant, I was also responsible for packing the girls lunch. It was a pure joy to spend the morning with 4 precious, little girls. On the way up to Blacksburg, we spent the morning talking and singing praises to our God. Enjoy the video clip and the photos.

Friday is their last day at Dance Camp. I am excited to watch their little dance recital. I'll try to record it so you can see all of their hard work from the week. You can see from the video clip how tired these little girls are.

"Ballerinas at Work". DO NOT DISTURB.