Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"BUT MOM... Everyone is doing it!"

Ugh, I dread those words AND I know it's coming soon. While on our long weekend vacation, we allowed Ty to get an ink tattoo (temporary).
Getting a "Tat". At least Tyson was wise enough to get something "noteworthy"... the Cross.
My close friend Ashely and I had lunch with her husband's grandmother. After leaving for lunch, she called Ashely and asked, "Ashely, why would Kristin let Tyson get a tattoo. What is she thinking?" I guess it looks real :) That's good news for Ty and bad news for ME!

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  1. best part: she didn't even believe me when i kept saying "its fake momaw! its fake". i think his fake tat is cute! good pick ty!


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