Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vacation Bible School - Day 2

On day TWO, of Vacation Bible School, the kids were really getting much more familiar with the songs and the atmosphere. There was quite a bit of enthusiasm in the sanctuary during the opening ceremonies as well as the mascot challenge, at the end of the night.

The mascot challenge the second night was as follows:

Each mascot was given a large tub of water filled with cold water and ice cubes. They had to fully submerge their feet into the frozen water for 1 full minute. After the minute was up, they could remove their feet, but the next “task” was to remove marbles at the bottom of that frozen water by using their FROZEN feet. The mascot who removed the most marbles, in a minute, was the winner of that challenge. Both mascots were almost immediately in pain after submerging their feet in that cold water. They said it was brutally cold, but neither mascot was willing to throw in the towel. I thought for sure “The Golden Boy” had this. He was going so fast and Tony was moving so slow. It appeared as if “The Golden Boy” removed a ton of marbles, but the catch, that “The Golden Boy” didn’t realize, was that there was ice in there too. So “The Golden Boy” wound up removing a ton of ice, leaving many marbles behind. So Blaze won on night number 2.

I was unable to snap photos of night three, but the mascot challenge was as follows:

Sitting down, each mascot was given 20 deflated balloons. In two minutes, they had the task of inflating the balloons with their own “hot air”, “knot” them, and place them in a garbage bag. “Blaze” got hung up on tying them mostly, but I guess he doesn’t have as much hot air as “The Golden Boy”. “The Golden Boy” inflated 11 balloons and “Blaze” only inflated 7. “The Golden Boy” won this challenge and is pumped up for whatever tonight’s challenge is.

IT IS NOT too late to sign up your kiddies for VBS’s last two nights. Again, these children are having a blast, but our Church’s main goal is to teach them about Christ, their need for a Savior, and the power of God’s word through the passage of Ezekiel 37 – “The Valley of Dry Bones”.