Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Father's Day DAD!!!!

Ahhh, what can I say!!! I truly believe my children have the best father anyone could ask for. He's down right HAPPY to be a dad. I knew when I married you honey you would be a good dad, but I truly had no idea you'd be THIS GOOD!!!!

Unfortunately, we were traveling back from Myrtle Beach on Father's Day so we were unable to really celebrate. I still owe Darren a nice home-cooked meal, but we did take daddy to breakfast and treated him with love and kindness all day plus showered him with some nice gifts. Take a peak because some of the gifts may be things you just might be interested in :)

First up, funny cards. I guess one could gather, from the cards, that Darren is a typical man. PS. I love the Dollar Tree. You get 2 cards for $1.00. I thought these were funny, but if you prefer sentimental/mooshy cards, they have those too. Lilah gave one of those to her daddy!

Next up, a special book created for Darren by Tyson an myself. I caught wind of an amazing coupon code that "Paper Cotiere" was offering, for father's day, and I couldn't resist. This personalized photo book titled, "All About My Dad" was originally $39.00 plus shipping and Paper Cotiere" was offering it for 60% off. The grand total of this book was only $16.00. Excellente!!!!
It was so much fun putting this book together. It forced me to go through 3 years worth of picasa photo albums and allowed me to revisit many wonderful memories that we've had as a family.... oddly enough some that I had forgotten. It is a 32 page photo book that is accompanied by questions or"fill in the blank" areas for Tyson to fill in. Darren was so appreciative of this book. After Tyson presented it to him, Darren came and found me and gave me a hug and thanked me too. I think it really meant a lot to him. Ty did a really good job filling it in. Here are a few of my favorite pages.

Next up, "YOnanas". I saw this item in a magazine, but was unsure of where it was sold. I also didn't know if it was legit or not. I then ran into "yonanas" randomly at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. After reading all of the reviews (yes, I am a review reader), I was convinced to buy it. What is this? Basically, it is a soft serve "ice cream" machine, BUT.... as we all know Darren is Mr. Health Concious and wouldn't dare eat ice cream, so WHY did I get this for him? The soft serve "ice cream" is made strictly from NATURAL ingredients, such as a single frozen banana. Pop a single, frozen banana into this machine and waaaalaaaa.... you get frozen banana yogurt. Darren has tried it with just bananas and then with bananas and strawberries (frozen). He said, "It's delicious. Tastes just like ice cream, but the clean up involved is not entirely worth doing this that often." I have yet to try the "yonana" machine, but I am anxiously awaiting to try the recipe called "pecan pie". The ingredients are completely healthy (frozen banana, frozen dates, and pecans). I'll let you know how it turns out once I make it. For more details check out this link for "yonanas"
Finally, a iHOME Ipad Alarm Clock/Docking System - This makes Darren's night stand look modernized. AND It's a convenient/safe way to keep his ipad charged and "put away". It has all kinds of cool features. Of course it's not on my side of the bed, so I can't enjoy them :( Haha. It's probably better that way. I would be up all night playing on the ipad.
"Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father!" ~Lydia M. Child, Philothea: A Romance, 1836