Friday, June 22, 2012

Pool Pals!

Our small group, thanks to Erin, has a "summer fun time" calendar that was devised so we can make sure to get together at least 2-4 days a week. It's been nice having this extra time to spend together just simply doing life! It's so easy being around friends who discipline their children similarly with one goal in mind. I have yet to snap A photo of any summer event, so I was sure to bring my camera to the pool since our family hosted this pool day! Ansley was unable to attend and I failed to capture Cohen, Mason, and Vivian. So sorry!!!

Julia was having a blast.
Hmmmm, is that "Mrs. Ashely" jumping in the water? BIG KID.
Tyson jumps in after her. He was thrilled because usually the mommies sit out.
Kate loves older boys! Tyson's gentle spirit came out with her and he gave her some one on one attention.
Jax discovered he can jump in the pool.
"DITTO".... Go figure!!!! It's a twin thing.
Caleb thinking about his next step.
The littlest sun bather! Precious Presely.

The day was warm and sunny! The kids seemed to be a ton of smiles. We had 11 children total. We were fortunate only have one drown attempt. It's so nerve racking trying to keep your eyes on that many YOUNG children and maintain a conversation with a grown-up, but we managed.