Friday, June 22, 2012

Vacation Bible School - Day 4

Ahhhhh! I only captured 3 photos last night, at Vacation Bible School, due to a different assignment I had. Embarassingly, I have been driving around with "Ezekiel" and 4 skeletons each night as they tour Salem in costume. We've been to the Duck Pond, Chick-Fil-A, Salem Fitness, Cost Cutters Hair Salon, Starbucks, and the mascots even painted the pig. It was a rough on me because I was the only one not in costume. Anyway, here are the three photos. LOL! AND, be on the look out for video footage of Mascot Challenge #4. I like to call it the TOUGH MAN COMPETITION! And as expected, "THE GOLDEN BOY" won this one. Give my man a REAL challenge and well... you can see from the video footage, on the next post, what happened. :) The mascots are now tied, 2 to 2 for the challenge (even though I saw "Blaze" spit out all of his worms into a napkin at the end of the challenge ;( Somehow Blaze is still up by 94 points I think. Tonight ought to be very interesting!!!! Again, our HOPE is that what's penetrating these children's heart is everything that they have been learning all week about our need for Jesus Christ.
Pastor Eddie got in costume and was displaying his amazing dance moves on stage with all of the skeletons.
Coby tries out Ezekiel's wig.

"The Golden Boy" watches "Blaze's" entrance.