Monday, April 9, 2012

A Visit With Grandnee

Today we went to Grandee's home because she had some Easter goodies for the kids AND Darren/I. The kids are always so enthusiastic about going to their home because in their opinion it's JUST NOT OFTEN ENOUGH. They talked about it all night long and it was the first thing they mentioned this morning!
Upon arriving, the kids were greeted with buckets filled to the brim with all kinds of Easter candy and toys.

After they went through it all, the kids ran downstairs to "play" pool. Then Tyson began working out. Kind a funny.
First the exercise bike.
Then the treadmill.
Then the "total gym".
And finally jump roping. He ought to be sore tomorrow.
To no surprise, Jax follows in brother's footsteps. He tried the "ab roller".
Towards the end, Lilah, in her snooping around the house, found Grandnee's wedding album. Grandnee was trying to show the kids how their daddy, when as little as they, stabbed her wedding album and put 100 holes in it with a pencil. Tyson would be in a boarding school if he did that to me. Honey, you are lucky to be alive!

The kids were astonished at how different looking Grandad and Grandee both looked back then.