Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Truthful Tuesday!

Here are some new truths about my BOYS...

Tyson is now wearing BOXERS and loves to sleep wearing ONLY them ! No way!!! So cute.
Jax has recently discovered that he can spit AND if he so desires to spit, he does. It doesn't matter WHERE. Today, he found a "hole" in our door frame, stood on his tippie toes and spit inside of it. I almost strangled him, but instead he received a spanking. See if you can spot the spit bubbles inside the door's hardware.
And Jax's most absolutely grossest habit is picking his nose and wiping it where ever he needs to. I spotted this little booger, pun intended, on my headboard, after pulling the pillows off of the bed. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! These kids are going to break me for SURE... wait, I think they already have. Imagine finding boogers where you least expect them?!?!?! Sorry to my guests if they spot one. Three kids is more than one person can humanely handle. How does that "Octomom" do it?

These pics were taken with my iphone, hence the reason the quality is so poor.