Monday, April 9, 2012

Baskets and Egg Hunts

It's a tradition I have always enjoyed with my children...Easter baskets and egg hunts. I'm pretty confident the kids love it too. After Church, we ate lunch and told the kids to hide while we hid their Easter baskets outdoors. We came back inside after hiding them and said, "On your mark, get set, goooooo!" And off they ran to find their baskets filled with goodies.
Jax found his basket first. It was hidden under the stairwell.

Jax's basket of goodies.
"I found mine!" Ty found his second.
If this isn't the look of excitement on her face, I don't know what is.
Lilah's basket of goodies.
A few hours later, the kids were ready for round 2... the Easter egg hunt.
The kids were told that over 100 stuffed eggs were hidden in the yard by daddy.
There was even a golden egg that contained a $5.00 bill.
Of course "Mr. Competitive" hoarded most of them.
Jax was thrilled to find at least 20 of his own.
As was Lilah! She was all smiles.

This is my favorite part of the egg hunt... "the trade". My kids do this on Halloween night too. They make trades in exchange for things they want or don't care for. Tyson, the con-artist, traded Lilah a $1 bill for the golden egg $5. I guess it's time she learns the value of a dollar to know that was a dumb trade.
These were some of the things we filled the eggs with. I tried to stray away from candy. We did cupcake goldfish, gushers, sour cream and onion gold fish, stickers, money, stamps, jelly beans, and candy flavored chapstick.