Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Give Me a Break!

It's just a doll, but it's creating some bickering in our household. When you have twins, they each desire what the other one has. When shopping for Lilah's Easter basket, I bought her a barbie doll. Figuring Jax would want one too, I bought him the male version aka "Ken". Give me a break! Is it that big of a deal to see a little boy play with a male barbie? DARREN thinks so and is refusing to let me let him play with it. Little does he know, it's packed away in his own personal bag of toys for the 5 hour car ride. Sorry daddy!!!! This doll is NOT going to interfere with his manhood. I promise. Did you see the post prior to this one? Boogers and spit? He's all boy! Besides, every woman wants a Ken by her side. How else is Jax supposed to learn how to be one if he can't practice and pretend with one. Okay, okay, yes, his daddy is a good Ken, but still...

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