Friday, April 20, 2012

Learning About Childbirth?

I'm really fishing for unique ways to entertain my children.  This unique way MIGHT be a little outlandish.  I was cleaning out my party drawer, in my kitchen, and found 4 plastic babies left over from a baby shower game I planned.  Rather than throwing them out, I decided to freeze them inside miniature plastic cups.  During bath time, I gave one frozen baby to each of the kids and allowed them to play with it in the water.  

My friend Ashely, who is pregnant and due May 11th, was the topic of conversation during this activity.  I said, "Guys, you know how Ms. Ashely is pregnant with Presley?  Well imagine the ice as her belly.  Inside the ice is Presley.  See?  Well, when the ice melts, Presley is going to pop out.  Just like when Ms. Ashely's water breaks, Presley will be ready to come out!"  

The frozen babies. 

Tyson chose to melt his immediately.  "Mr. Impatient."

"Welcome Presley!" 

Lilah chose to lick hers.  Creeeepy!

She licked it until it the water almost "broke". 

Jax chose to hold it TIGHT.  

I took his out of the cup for a moment so they could see the transition phase.  This is about 6 centimeters dilated.  

Almost time to start pushing.  LOL!  

She's arrived!!!!  5 pounds 7 ounces. 

The placenta hadn't yet been cut!

It was quite the scene when the "water broke" in the tub.  The laughter and the comments, not to mention the questions, were quite hysterical.  I'm interested to hear the wackiest way you've tried entertaining your child?!?!?!  Do I have you beat?