Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blowing Bubbles High

Today we had bubbles of fun during craft time. Here's what you need if you want to have some of the same fun:
1. A disposable table cloth (or one you don't mind getting ruined.)
2. Bubbles (1- 1 1/2 cups per child)
3. Shallow dishes (I used glass pie pans)
4. Straws (I recommend the flimsy cheap straws. I had both, but used glass straws at first. They didn't work as well!).
5. Paint

In the shallow dish, combine bubbles and paint color of your choice. Mix well. Lilah chose pink (no surprise) and Jax chose green (also no surprise).

Give your child a straw and tell them to blooooooooooooooooow into the bubbles. Be sure to remind your child to remove the straw out of their mouth when they need to take a breath. Otherwise, as you will see from the video, your child will drink the bubbles. YUCK!

This fun lasted well over 30 minutes.

The most popular part of this craft was "popping" the bubbles.
I didn't have the RIGHT type of paint, but you could take this craft ONE step further if you havetempura paint. The next step would be to gently touch the paper to the bubbles and then lift up the paper to see your print, repeating until the paper is sufficiently covered. Blow more bubbles as needed. For a different effect, try printing one color over another. The paper will cause the bubbles to pop and when you lift the paper UP off of the bubbles your paper has a pretty painting on it. The paper can be framed or hung for display or as shown above, make stationary.