Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An Amazing Gift x 2

Of course by the title of this post, you were probably thinking I am referring to my twinsies... and YES that holds true for SURE, BUT the title is actually referring to an amazing gift that Lilah and Jaxon received for their birthday. My dear friend Erin Carroll has been TRULY GIFTED with her teaching abilities. Before God blessed her with children, Erin was a school teacher at Glenvar Elementary School. Parenthood eventually lead her to become a stay-at-home mommy. I'm not sure which task was more challenging. I've watched Erin, in action, at church, teach and nourish the littlest of souls and she is intimidating. I'm pretty sure NONE could light a match to her classroom order, structure, and creativity.

ANYWAY.......... (sorry, I always get off track - well in this case, not really) - Erin created TWO "busy boxes" for the twins. Let the PICTURE below do the explaining.
Each "busy box" contains 9 activities.
I post about this gift for many reasons, but TWO (haha, not intentional) primary reasons. 1. The gift is INCREDIBLE. Probably VERY time consuming to create AND deserves MUCH credit and expressions of gratitude. HENCE the reason I will do this post in a 9 part series. Each activity will receive it's very OWN attention. The second reason is because THIS would make a GREAT gift if YOU could replicate it OR hire ERIN to make the box for you (that is if Erin is interested.). It might cost you a small fortune though.

On this cold, rainy day, I FINALLY pulled the busy box OUT and let the twins pick which activity they wanted to try. Both kids pulled the "bead pattern" activity out.

I love how Erin made it gender specific. Makes it more exciting for girl/boy preferences. Pastel colored beads for Lilah.

Primary colors for Jax.

This is the 1/9 posts that I will make, but each additional post will happen randomly, after we perform each task... who knows when that will be. Today, their attention span only allowed for ONE activity. They enjoyed it tremendously and were really excited about the fact that they had something to do with the outcome.
I learned that Jax is a total visual learner. He kept pointing to the color that was to come next.

Lilah worked pretty seriously.
The finished task. "Start" at the beginning and work your way to the end. Finding the correct colors. If the child is a little older, they can guess what color comes after the last color noted. The answer is on the back of the pattern card.
Erin, MUAH! A BIG THANKS! You are incredible. I am FLATTERED and IMPRESSED by this gift to my 3 year olds. I bet Tyson will even find it fun. I video recorded their first time using this box so you could see how much they cherish it. This activity was new to them, so they needed a practice round. After the "practice" round, the twins became really good at completing their bead patterns.