Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday, Dr. Seuss!!!!

In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday and a "snow" day off from school, I took the kids to see the new movie, "The Lorax".
The movie started at 1:20 pm, so I had to allow the kids to skip their nap A-G-A-I-N. Makes for a much longer day. :)
Lilah just couldn't keep her little eyes awake. She passed out after eating her bag of candy and emptying her bladder. I think the movie was about 20 minutes in. She looks so comfy. LOL!
Here's the trailer for the movie, incase you are curious what it's about.
After the movie, we came home and it was ALREADY time to start cooking dinner. It was NON-STOP today. Part of the dinner I made was strawberry/banana skewers. I wanted the kids to have something to eat that represented the Cat in the Hat! Do you get it? It's the Cat's hat!!! When Darren saw his plate on the table, he said, "Awe wow, fancy smancy!" I said, "LOL! NO, not really. Just trying to celebrate the Cat in the Hat's birthday!" He he. Before we even said prayers, Tyson and Jax devoured their skewers.
Lilah on the other hand took her time with them. Her banana fell off here and rather than just eating it, she insisted on putting it back on the skewer FIRST.
She ate it the way a real shish-kabob is eaten. Too funny!
This a great way to serve fruit. The kids gave me NO hassles.

We weren't planning on celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday, but I am glad we did. He is a huge part of our daily reading!!!