Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Paper Coterie!

The other day, while visiting one of my favorite blogs that I follow, I came across an awesome opportunity to receive $30 worth of merchandise for FREE! I didn't believe that it was possible, so I decided to check out the website and give it a try. IT WORKED! I was in a RUSH because I thought that I had to use the coupon code before the end of that night and it was already 10:35 pm. I pretty much slapped a picture of Darren and I on a notebook and added the verbiage... "Darren & Kristin Soulmates".
What's the "catch"? You do have to pay for shipping and handling, which was a little more expensive than normal. I got this $15, great quality, beautiful, and noteworthy (pun intended) notebook for FREE with shipping costs of $11.00. I tried to order another notebook, so I could take advantage of the full $30 offer, but the website was being stinky. After contacting the company and explaining the difficulties, they reassured me that the coupon code is good through February 17, 2012 and can be used as many times a your little hear desires.
I received the notebook today. It is gorgeous. I can't wait to use it. DO NOT DELAY! ORDER SOMETHING... EVEN IF you have to pay for shipping. HOW? Click here (on the word here) and use coupon code howdoesshelove ENJOY!!!!!! Please send me a picture of your item when you receive it.
Look what else they sent me for FREE:

A necklace, with a note that read:

"Hello, new member. Thank you for joining Paper Coterie. A close circle of friends who are passionate about documenting the beauty of life well lived. Welcome to the circle!"
And a 25% off coupon off of my next total order
I might just have to place a whole other order. There are tons of bridal showers, baby showers, other holidays coming up (Mother's Day). FREE, FREE, FREE!!!!!