Thursday, February 2, 2012

A "LOVE" Note from "D"!

Today I found a "love" note, in our cute little mailbox, from Darren! I guess you can say it's a love note (wink wink)!!!!!

It reads: "I love you all the time; even when you don't give me cookies..."

I've gotten others! I promise they get better than this. He's obviously in a playful mood today!


  1. your rebuttal could be something like, "I love you all the time, too, which is why I don't give you cookies that I know you wouldn't eat anyway so as not to make you feel guilty or like a bad husband when you refuse my sugary offerings."

    1. Haha! Cute Erin. While this is true, have you see the video on my blog about the little boy who says to his mommy, "I don't like you all the time. I only like you when you give me cookies." Our family loves that youtube video and we can't hear the words "All the time" without mocking that little boy. I think that's why D wrote that. LOL!


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