Thursday, February 16, 2012

"You make my heart GLOW"

Now that Valentine's Day is OVER, I finally have the time to document what my little Valentines gave out. I will say, next year, I am NOT committing to too many ideas. All the preparation took lots of time. Don't get me wrong, I love to craft and I love to give, but these little boogers (as well as the others) were very time consuming!

"You make my heart GLOW"

What you need:
Glow Sticks ($1.00 for 30 glow sticks at Target)
A Cute Heart Shaped Printable (virtually free)

Cut out hearts (I had a blister from cutting out 30 of these things)
Scotch tape glow stick to back of the heart.

This Valentine idea beat candy, in my opinion, especially knowing my kids are covered from their toes to their ears in Valentine candy. It was also fun to see the church parking lot lite up with love bugs glowing kids as they ran to their mommy and daddy's vehicles.

Lilah and Jax gave these out. Tyson's class received something more "mature".