Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kids Say The Darndest Things!

On Friday, the twins and I were making a yummy dessert for small group. I was allowing them to lick the handheld mixer's attachments. During some small talk, this conversation took place...

Mommy: "What kind of cupcakes do you like Jax, chocolate or vanilla?"
Jax: "I love chocolate."
Mommy: "What kind of cupcakes do you like Lilah, chocolate or vanilla?"
Lilah: "I like banilla." (Yes... the "b" was meant to replace the v)
Jax: "What kind of cupcakes does daddy like?"
Mommy: "Well, daddy doesn't really eat junk."
Jax: "You like cuppy cakes mommy?"
Mommy: "Yea, I love cuppy cakes, but mommy is not eating sweets right now because they make her hiney BIG."
Jax: "Cupcakes make my ding ding big too!"


I replied by saying "Jax, you are so funny! No, cuppy cakes do NOT make your ding ding big. If they did, I think all men would eat cupcakes often... EVEN daddy!"


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