Friday, February 3, 2012

What's your name?

On Wednesday, we had a repair man come by to give us a diagnosis on our heat pump. Praise God our heat pump does NOT need to be replaced. Instead, the contactor just died. $110.00 repair is much better than $7,000.00 one. I'll take it.

The repair man was so nice to pay the twins some attention. They enjoyed talking to him. Here is a funny conversation between Lilah and the repair man.

Repair man: "Hi there. What is your name?"
Lilah: "Princes!" (Just as serious as could be.)
Repair man: "Oh!!! Princess huh?!?!"
Mommy: "Haha. No. Tell him what mommy and daddy call you."
Lilah: "Bo-skeeez" (This is a nickname her daddy has given her.)
Repair man: Puzzled?!?!
Mommy: "No! What's your name silly?"
Lilah: "Sissy!"
Mommy: "You silly girl. What name did God give you?"
Lilah: "LILAH!"