Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oreo Pudding Cake Cups

When I do host small group, I love it! I get a tad on the neurotic side though and my OCD really kicks in. I feel AWFUL for my entire family during the last 24 hours, leading up to my guests arrival, but they always survive as do I. :)

I am always looking for excuses to try NEW recipes, especially dessert recipes. We've had a package of chocolate oreos in our pantry for 1 month now and no one has opened them, so I wanted to put them to use.

I used the famous pinterest to search for an oreo recipe. I found this oreo recipe . I decided to make it, but when I began making the cake batter, I decided I wanted to spruce it up and make it pretty. I decided to make chocolate cupcakes instead of the chocolate cake.
Bake cake as directed. Poke LARGE holes into the cake or in my case cupcakes. I used a wooden spoon. Some people suggested a straw.
I placed an oreo cookie in the bottom of a clear cup.
Then I placed the cooked cupcake onto of the oreo
Added the oreo pudding on top.
And sprinkled some crushed oreos on top of that.

I couldn't tell if my guests liked this or not. I was a tad surprised at the left over, but maybe my guests thought they were being polite by NOT going back for seconds. That's actually RUDE guys :)

I thought there was a chance we were going to the Outback tonight and I was considering splurging on my first dessert in 32 days, but we didn't go. SO.... I came home to 5 of these cups left, starring at me, saying "EAT ME!" NO, I did NOT eat all five of them, haha. BUT, I decided to try this dessert and I must say, they are like potato chips. It's extremely hard to eat just one. I thought they came out scrumptious!!!!

Give it a try!