Monday, January 9, 2012

"You Are Mean Mommy!"

This non-visible video clip was captured on my i-phone, after punishing, Jax from being able to sleep with his brother. Before prayers, Jax was looking at books. This is one of his favorite past times. I warned him to put his books down during prayers and I told him if he picked up his books during prayers, I would NOT allow him to sleep with his "bro-bro". Well, you could guess from the title of this post OR the video below, what happened during prayers. I actually would NOT of even known Jax had disobeyed (because my eyes were shut and I was trying to focus on the prayer), but Tyson "tattled" on him. I was a little stunned Tyson tattled on him because this would mean he would lack a sleeping partner. Jax was beyond devastated as you can hear from the video. AND being he is so super cute and extremely sensitive, I had an insanely difficult time sticking to my threat... but I DID!!!!!!! It broke my heart to hear him scream out from his room, "YOU ARE MEAN MOMMY!" He was so worked up his little voice began getting hoarse. About 10 minutes later he cried out, "LOVE ME MOMMY, LOVE ME." Which meant, "Rock me mommy, rock me!" That melted my heart. He is now fast asleep.
This was a wonderful teachable moment for Tyson. Tyson was really upset that he got his brother in trouble and begged me to change my mind. He was even crying, "please mommy, please!" I told Tyson that I show no favoritism in this house. This was stated because I think he believes the twins receive more love and leeway. I said, "When I punish you, do I stick to it?" He nodded, "Yes!" I said, "Well, I have to do the same with Lilah and Jaxon." I then proceeded to thank Tyson for tattling on his brother and explained to him that he did the right thing and by telling on him he showed his brother LOVE. I told him, "IF you didn't tell on him, you would be showing your brother hate because you would be condoning his sin."

ALL OF THIS took place AFTER Lilah dropped and cracked open a bottle of RED nail polish in my bathroom. I actually handled that with an INSANE amount of grace and patience. Lilah and I were home alone and I didn't want our first mommy/daughter memory to be ruined. We didn't paint her nails/toenails red. We chose green instead! :)