Monday, January 9, 2012

Thumbprint Heart Tree

We are trying to get our hearts and our home ready for my favorite holiday.... Valentine's Day!!!! I just love the colors, the thoughts, the love, the sentiment, and the creativity behind this holiday. Here's a Valentine's Day craft I did with the twins to help get us in the mood.
The kids begged me to paint all morning on Friday!

I decided, after getting a little motivation from my dear friend Erin, to just break out the paint. I pulled out some white, red, and brown paint (mixed the red and white paint to make pink) and had the kids make a thumbprint heart tree.
I first painted the kids arms and hands.
I got a lot of chuckles when I did this. Apparently it tickles.
Then, I pushed their painted hand onto the paper.
Then, have the kids dip their thumbs into the paint, putting a thumbprint side by side to form a heart.

I am having a hard time parting with these cute thumbprints. I am either framing them and I will pull them out every Valentine's day or I plan to mail them to grandmas and grandpas.