Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Special Surprise for Tyson on Christmas Morning!

Meet our hamster... "Tech".
After many, many, many, many months of agonizing over a decision, interviewing hamster owners, researching everything about hamsters, visiting pet stores, and asking dear friends for advice... I caved. One of Tyson's BIGGEST Christmas gifts was this sweet, little rodent named Tech.

I used to have a hamster when I was a kid, but once it died and rigamortis set in, I could never own or touch another hamster again.

I almost made this purchase for Tyson's 6th birthday, back in May, but I physically had the closest thing to an anxiety attach possible and left the pet store feeling a sigh of relief.

The pros to this decision seemed to out weigh the cons, so I went for it. The primary decisions that lead me to bless Tyson with this gift were the following:

1. It will be a great companion for Tyson.
2. It will teach him responsibility.
3. It only lives 2 years.
4. It's affordable.
5. It's self-sufficient (almost).
6. We can still vacation without worrying about this varmint.
7. It doesn't shed and it doesn't really make a peep.

On Christmas morning, after all of the gifts were opened, I asked Ty to run up to my closet to get me a brown blanket. No such blanket exists in my closet. Random... I know. He ran up, without hesitation, and stumbled upon a hamster. He was so surprised and super excited.
Tyson handled Tech well. He was a little timid to grab him from his cage, but once he had him in his hands, he seemed confident. The twins even attempted to "play" with him. Tech had a hamster ball and Ty would place him in it and go off to play forgetting all about him. Fun times that lasted 7 days. LITERALLY!

I noticed Tech hadn't left his igloo in about 24 hours. I picked up the igloo and Tech was alive. How? What was wrong? Hamsters are notorious, as I am learning, for getting "dry tail." Basically, that is hamster terminology for diarrhea. The pet store was willing to try and nurse him back to health, since I WAS NOT, but he didn't make it.

Our home has been without Tech for about 2 weeks now. Tyson handled it well and doesn't seem to be anticipating getting the NEW one that the pet store has promised us. UGH! Why me? I have offered to sell the cage and all of the accessories on Craig's list and allow Ty to keep the money, but so far, he's not taking bite to that bait. I guess in the next few days we will be introducing a new hamster to the Bolling house. If this one dies... that's IT!
R.I.P TECH! January 4, 2012