Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter Food Fun!

It’s easy to let go of Winter, after Christmas, and quickly prepare for Valentine’s Day or worse Spring. I know the malls are already in Spring mode. YUCK! Why do the malls do that? Anyway, snowmen are my absolute favorite Christmas holiday decoration. I even have a Christmas tree devoted strictly to snowmen and snowflakes ONLY! The other day, I devised a menu that was geared around the topic of SNOWMEN. While Darren and I were in North Carolina, I had Kaitlyn help the kids make a snowman pizza, from scratch, for dinner and a snowman-powdered donut for dessert. Yes, I know, it’s not a very healthy meal, but according to Kaitlyn, they didn’t eat much of EITHER item anyway.

Snowman pizza – I purchased premade pizza dough from Pillsbury, pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni, black olives and a carrot. It turned out so cute!!!! Great job kids Kaitlyn.

Snowman-Powdered Donuts – I just purchased the cheapest powdered donuts I could find and some frosting. I bagged up some items I had around the house (candy corns, chocolate chips and raisins) for the kids to use to decorate their snowmen donuts. The frosting was used to adhere the food embellishments to the donut. Didn’t they come out adorable? I know Tyson, especially, found much enjoyment torturing his snowman as he ate his eyes and nose off.
95% of the photos were courtesy of Kaitlyn. Thanks K!