Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Visit To Furniture Land South for BIG BOY/GIRL FURNITURE

On Friday, Darren and I hired Kaitlyn Belcher to watch our kiddies and we spent the day together shopping for “big boy” and “big girl” furniture for Jax and Lilah. We drove to the furniture capital of the world… Highpoint, North Carolina. We are huge fans of the store Furnitureland South. There is over one million square feet of furniture, carpets, accessories, etc, to choose from. That is NOT an exaggeration. Check out their website if you don’t believe me. We got there about 2:00 p.m and decided to have a relaxing lunch together at the on-site café. Afterwards, we were a little chilly, so we headed to the on-site Starbucks and grabbed a warm coffee. YUM!

I was so relieved we ONLY had to visit the children’s wing. We spent over 9 hours at FLS one year because we were trying to furnish our living room, basement, and kitchen nook. It was exhausting and stressful to say the least. Shopping for your children is fun and stress-free.

We entered the children’s wing and we were blown away. There was well over 75-100 bedroom suites to choose from. While that might sound overwhelming to you, it wasn’t. Darren and I, being together for 20 years now, have the exact same taste. We look at it and immediately say, “YES OR NO”. Out of all 100 bedroom suites, we fell in love with the same 3. I’m not surprised, but I am relieved. I know some husbands and wives have a difficult time agreeing on things when shopping for their home.

We left Furnitureland South in plenty of time to drive over to Greensboro and tour the “Rooms to Go for Kids” and then eat a peacefully delicious dinner at Carrabas. YUUUUUUUUUMMMMMY! Best meal EVER!!!!

If you are in the market for ANY type of furniture, invest in a 2 hour drive and VISIT FLS. They are offering FREE DELIVERY in the month of January ONLY. It is furniture heaven. Just like our minds cannot comprehend what Heaven will be like, you cannot even begin to imagine this place. You could walk it for TWO days and not finish! I’ve been told Michael Jordan, Martha Stewart, and Beyonce are just amongst a few who shop there. Of course, we DO NOT shop in their section, but at least there is a section we can afford. LOL!

I thought those of you with kids would enjoy seeing a few of the photos I snapped to give you an idea of some of their selections. This is NOT an extensive album of what they offered in the kids section. I do have a photo album with price tags attached if you are curious to see pricing