Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bolling Steel

It's the famous question so many people ask when they meet you for the first time or they are at a loss for conversation. "So... What do you do for a living?" or "What does your husband do for a living?" Yesterday, Darren and I took a long day trip to High Point, North Carolina to go furniture shopping for the twins new "big/girl rooms". On the way there, Darren said he wanted to run by a job site to check on the job and see it in person. At first, I was a little antsy about it, but I didn't make it obvious. I was just so excited to get to Furniture Land South, but once I arrived to the job site, with him, I was so thankful to see my hubby's work up close and personal. It was very cool to witness structural steel being placed in it's proper place by a large crane, but even cooler knowing that that's OUR steel!!!

(Bolling Steel's erected steel for a new church being built .... "St. Mary's Episcopal Church". They furnish the steel, but their biggest responsibility is very carefully measuring where and placing the holes in the steel that you see in the above picture. If they mess up by a hairline fraction, that big piece a steel is worthless.)

So what does my hubby do for living? Darren works at a family owned, steel fabrication business called Bolling Steel! Long ago, Darren's father took every penny he had to his name, LITERALLY, and purchased a steel fabrication machine (not a cheap purchase). That was a brave, brave, brave move, after all, there was no guarantee this would be a successful purchase AND he had a wife and two children to feed. God has since flourished Bolling Steel and has made it was it is today! Like any company, fluctuation in businesses has taken place over the years, but with today's economy, we have seen multiple steel business flop, and God has been faithful to keep Bolling Steel alive and operating! We are beyond thankful! Darren is now one of the proud owners and has really taken the initiative to learn the business inside and out. His responsibilities range from estimating jobs, bidding jobs, taking "on-the-job" measurements, payroll, to hiring/firing, employee issues, etc....
I have watched him work there for the last 13 years and I have witnessed his growth and intellect in the business. It's kind of admiring to hear his own father call him and ask him how to do something sometimes. It's something that from day to day, I haven't really acknowledged or paid attention to, but as I type this post, I realize how proud I am to have a husband who works his cute little tail off, responsibly, respectively, with integrity, and to the glory of our God!
Darren thank you for the opportunity to see your work in action and for working so hard for this family!!! I love you!!!