Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Best Dessert EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few weeks ago, I spent some time researching desserts. I AM A HUGE REVIEW READER!! I read over 60 reviews or more for the below tiramisu recipe. I was nervous, yet anxious to try it out. Tiramisu is my all time favorite dessert. I just love the coffee, cheese, rum :), and cake combination. I decided to make this for my progressive dessert party. I am not sure many of the guests were interested in it, but I had many other desserts present to choose from. Selfishly, I made this for myself. LOL! I'm pretty sure tiramisu is a dessert that takes time to love. It's an acquired tasted. I think you either LOVE it or HATE it.

I was more than impressed with the taste of this dessert. It tasted VERY authentic. I have had good tiramisu from New York to the Bahamas and the one I made was by far the tastiest one I have ever had. Please excuse the pride here. I didn't create the recipe. I just followed it.

I have since made another one for my in-laws (as a thank you for watching Tyson on New Year's Eve) and for the Ward family (just because Allison is a huge tiramisu lover too and we have discussed making one together). And now, I am making another one to bring to my Pastor's house for dinner on Saturday. The only bummer... I can't eat it!!!! :( I am on day 9 of no dessert and no bread. I told my mother-in-law the other day, "If you ever doubt my love for you, just know that I not only made you "A" dessert while detoxing from desserts, but I made you my FAVORITE dessert while detoxing!!!!

If you know ANYONE who enjoys tiramisu, I highly recommend making this. Suggestions: take your time, try to provide for NO DISTRACTIONS (i.e. a phone call or crying child), follow the directions to a "T", and DIG IN!!!!! You WILL NOT be disappointed.

PS. If you DO make this dessert, talk to me first before you do. I did enough research on this recipe to give you some good pointers.