Monday, January 16, 2012

Snowman Craft

What you'll need:
1. Paints Sticks
2. Acrylic Paint (black and white)
3. Embellishments: buttons, beads, googly eyes.
4. Pipe cleaners & pom poms
5. Ribbon
6. Drill
7. Wire
8. Hot glue gun
I got these paint sticks from the Northwest Hardware Store for FREE!! They asked if I needed some help with anything and I just said, "I actually just need some paint sticks because I am doing a craft with my kids." They handed me the amount I asked for as said, "No charge!" I even had them drill the holes for me. Support your local hardware stores.
Use the white and black acrylic paint to paint the snowman's "body" and top hat.

The kiddies gave this a whirl....
But apparently, it was too detailed for their attention span.
Paint sticks MINUS embellishments.
Completed snowman with all embellishments added.
Completed snowman with wire added.
In order to get this perfected wire look, insert the wire through the front of the hole, leaving enough to wrap and secure. Then, take the excess wire and wrap around a pen, as many times as you see fit. I wrapped it four times. Finally, secure the other side. I used wire cutters to help me wrap the wire around.
5 Snowmen: Daddy,Mommy, Tyson, Lilah and Jaxon
I can't wait to hang them up!

I did NOT create this craft. I replicated it with my own materials, ideas, and special touches. Kaitlyn made two out of the five. I made the other three.