Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Fishing for LOVE" LUNCH

I have been introduced to a really interesting blog where a stay-at-home mom creates visually stimulating lunches for her children.... FOR ME TOO! They are realllllly cool. Unfortunately, my children wouldn't eat HALF of the stuff that she serves her kids. She REALLLLY gets into preparing her children's fun lunches once a week. She uses edible paints, edible pens, fancy tooth picks, special tubberware, fancy cutters... the list is endless. She has A LOT of money invested in the items she uses to prepare her children's lunch. Here is one example:
Anyway, it has inspired me to try and be creative with my kiddies lunches WHEN I can, but I WILL not go this over board because 1. I don't have a brain like hers. I surely am NOT this artistic. 2. My kids DO NOT eat well to invest this much time into their meals. and 3. Although I do blog about special things and I am very detailed oriented, this is a tad over the top for me. COOL, YES! But it would take me DAYS to come up with these ideas.

I went out on a limb today and tried to design a fun lunch of my own. It certainly does NOT compare to the "cow jumping over the moon" lunch, but it's cute enough to entice and enthuse my almost 3 year olds.

The title of our lunch... "Fishing for LOVE". It includes:
1. A heart shaped peanut butter and fluff sandwich on whole wheat bread.
2. Cheese and pepperoni cut up in heart shapes.
3. Apples cut up in heart shapes.
4. Gold fish swimming through the "sea of hearts".

Stop laughing. I TRIED!!!! Erin Carroll, I want you to give this a whirl and see what you come up with. Send me the pics and I will feature you on my blog!