Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A LOT Like Christmas!

Our home has actually been decorated for about 3 weeks now. Christmas cards have been designed and mailed, some Christmas shopping has been done, gingerbread houses made, Salem parade attended, but ONE "key" piece was missing... THE TREE! We assembled our pre-lite tree at the same time we put up ALL of our decorations, but we never decorated it. Upon assembling it, we noticed almost 300 lights had failed. I spent many hours trying to repair the tree, but after many attempts I gave up. I was on strike from decorating it, in hopes that my dear husband would allow me to buy another tree. NOPE! He wants to wait until the day after Christmas to purchase a very discounted tree. I eventually submitted :) and decided to purchase some lights for the interim. So today I decorated the tree finally. I'm not sure it's complete yet, but I am relying on my dear friend Erin Carroll (the BEST Christmas tree decorator I know) to give me her thoughts. So, if you are wondering why a full picture hasn't been taken yet, that's why!

I switched things up a tad this year. I added ribbon to our tree AND CHEETAH print ribbon at that!!!
Of course after the tree is decorated, if you've been following my blog for a year or more, you know what happens next right? Our ELF "Nicey" arrives. Tonight, I put the kids to bed after reading them the book, "The Elf On The Shelf". The twins don't have a clue about the details of Nicey, but I KNOW Tyson will bring them up to par for sure. He'll be up early tomorrow looking to see if he did indeed arrive. Check out this post if you are looking for details on "The Elf On The Shelf".
Sweet little Nicey sits patiently, waiting for our kiddies to find him tomorrow morning.