Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Singing In The Shower (X-Rated)

Lilah is a great talker, but lately, she has been "singing" and it isn't making a lick of sense. It's insanely adorable though. She had no idea I was recording her because I was doing it incognito with my i-phone. She did this the other day, at the library, and the entire library was getting the biggest kick out of it.

I apologize for the nudity. It is ONLY because my blog is set to private and I know that some weirdo isn't viewing this. Oh and I have to mention, she has a hiney like her daddy! Just thought you wanted to know where that skinny butt came from.

PS. The yelling at the end of the video, was Jax. I'm sure you could take a guess as to WHY he was yelling out in irritation. One word hint... TYSON!