Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dessert With AND For Jesus!

We spent a good chunk of time making and decorating a cake for Jesus the other day and we were anxious to finally get to eat it!!! Of course, we needed to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy first ... Our Savior! :)

And so we did!
"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to Jesus!!!!! Happy Birthday to you!"

This was their favorite part... blowing out the candles!!!

We even had "Happy Birthday Jesus" Plates/Napkins! He deserves the WHOLE kit and kaboodle.
Party blowers.....

I think the HIGH amount of sugar in the cake/frosting caused us to all get a little goofy afterwards! I hope Jesus didn't mind that we had a little fun on his special day!
I told everyone to make their goofiest face. Of course Tyson had to stick his fingers in his nose.
But look who he gets that from. Then Darren, our house leader, pulls off the grossest face ever. What a great role model we have!!!!
Jax tries to be silly, but he doesn't really have to try. He is just plain silly without being silly.
Sweet little face!!!!
Things got a little out of "hand" at this point - pun intended. We turned our heads for one moment and our sweet Lilah had stuck her entire hand in the cake. This cake was an UNFORGIVING cake. The dyes are so potent. If you got dye anywhere, it was permanently stained. Of course this is the moment I became the crazy lady and put a halt to the fun we were having.

Thank you again Erin for decorating this cake with/for us! I am STILL feasting off of it. It was delicious.