Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kids Say The Darndest Things!

A few funny convos in the last few weeks:


Mom: "Good morning my pretty girl! I love your morning hair. It's so big!"
Lilah: "Yea! My hair is big like mommy's hair!"

Jax: (I was reading "Little Quack" before nap. Little Quack, his siblings and his mommy play a game of hide and seek. Little Quack hides behind his mommy.)

Mom: "That's silly! Little Quack hid behind his mommy's hiney!"
Jax: "You have a big hiney mommy!"

Tyson: The other day I allowed Tyson to buy a "fun brain" application on is IPOD Touch. When he noticed that I purchased an "app" verses downloaded a free "app" he said...

Ty: "MOM!!!!!!!!!!! Now daddy is going to WHACK me!" (this was followed by a mound of tears.)

Darren has put the fear of God in him about downloading things without asking!