Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas With The Bollings!

On Christmas Eve morning, our family packed up the car and headed to Grandad and Grandnee's home to celebrate Christmas. I made two yummy dishes: an egg casserole and a creme brule french toast. BOTH were so, so, so scrumptious, especially the french toast. Grandee made bacon and fresh fruit. It was a lot less stressful to do brunch than to do a dinner, that is for sure.

The kids were blessed beyond all measure with gifts ranging from toys to clothing! I think it's safe to say that Lilah and Jax's favorite gift was their blue and purple gum-ball machines. Lilah's was filled with M&Ms and Jax's was filled with skittles. One of Tyson's favorite gifts was a video camera.

After we finished up gifts and brunch, Darren and I left the kids there and headed out to run ONE last Christmas errand. Be on the look out for that post soon! You may be shocked!!!! Or better yet, you may think I have NOW officially lost my mind.

Grandad and Grandnee, thank you kindly for allowing the kids to come over and spend some time with you both. They had a blast and anticipate the NEXT time they can see you both.