Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"You are officially THAT nerdy mom!"

"You are officially THAT nerdy mom!" That was the comment out of my husband's mouth, as I pulled up to the house, during his lunch break, sporting THIS...
I bought this accessory weeks ago and I could NOT wait to dress up my van. I thought I should wait until December 1st so my van wouldn't get keyed, but November 30th is close enough. I've always wanted a set of rudolph gear. Haha. I forgot I had attached rudolph to my van and I was wondering why I kept getting so many stares today. I mean, I know I'm beautiful and all, AND I know it's hard NOT to stare at me, but geez.... the stares were MANY! LOL!. Just teasing. I guess people either thought my dressed up van was clever, cute, cheesy, or thought that possibly Santa got rid of his sleigh and bought himself a Sienna minivan. HE HE.

The kicker... Darren has to drive this thing around town too!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA