Monday, November 28, 2011

I-Toddler vs. I-Phone

A similar post has been made before regarding an i-touch, but this one TOPS the CAKE! The house was silent. Ty was doing his homework, Lilah was sipping on a sparkling water (no lie... she thinks it's a "shoe-da" aka soda) and Jax.... where was he? We found him nestled backwards, among 5 stacked pillows, feet propped up, and as quiet as a mouse on our living room couch. He almost blended in. This is how we found him (see below). I cannot believe our toddler knows how to use our i-phone APPROPRIATELY. He found the "angry birds" app and created his own little fun. He was even playing the game properly.

I am gonna attempt to send these pictures to APPLE and see if they will use them in as advertisement for the next ipod or iphone. KEEP your FINGERS crossed. Maybe we'll get some free apple merchandise to share will all of you. Or better, a few thousand dollars to compensate him for advertising those sweet "tootsies" and "fingies" while playing with their i-phone.