Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Marble Painting FUN!

I have been trying to use the gifts that God has given me and share them with my children. I have been known to be a tad on the creative side. I've been cherishing those preschool days where I can roam freely without something attached to me, but on those OFF days, I am also trying my best to cherish and spend some quality time with the kids. The other day they had art class in the bathtub. LOL!! Today, they tested out "marble painting". It's nothing NEW. I'm sure you've seen it before. It was fun and simple. Virtually NO MESS. My kind of artwork.
Materials needed: Paint, Paper, Marbles, and a LARGE rubbermaid container.
Have children pick out 5 marbles.
We had different sized marbles from a marble run set we have!!! Dollar Tree sells an entire BAG full of them if you do not have any.
Place the white paper inside the rubbermaid container. Squeeze paint onto the paper.
Let the child move the container with marbles back and forth, up and down.
The marbles will run through the paint.
Creating beautiful masterpieces.
Pant NEVER touched my children's hands, yet they got to "paint."
A WALAAAA! Beautiful artwork to share with a grandparent or loved one!!!!!