Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Aaron Fernandez!!!!!!

One of our dear friends, Aaron Fernandez, is having a milestone birthday tomorrow. He's turning the BIG 30. Makes me feel soooooo old. I have been searching for a reason to test out this adorable gift idea, but I thought it would be at least 5 more years before I would be celebrating someone's 30th birthday and by then the gift would be old news or forgotten. Aaron is so mature, I would have never guessed he was under the age of 30.

I am NOT a fan of the word "sucks", but I couldn't resist this cute gift idea. Here's what you need....
1. A decorative box = $1.00
2. A piece of floral foam = $1.00
3. Krinkle paper = $1.00
4. (30) SUCKERS = $3.00

I added a colorful sign that reads, "3o Sucks"!!!! Again, not my normal choice of words, but it was just too appropriate to go along with the 30 SUCKERS.
I've witnessed Aaron enjoying a sucker or two, from "Candy Karen", on Sunday (a church member brings in bags and bags of candy, every Sunday, for the kids to enjoy) so I'm pretty confident this gift will not only be enjoyed by his two, sweet girls, but also by him!!

Happy 30th YOU OLD MAN!
It doesn't take a scientist to figure out how to assemble this, but I did try to give a few pictoral hints to those who suffer from being craft challenged.