Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lilah and Jaxon's FIRST Visit to Build-A-Bear

Two weeks ago, I took Lilah and Jaxon for a "back to school"/well done on potty training TREAT! This was L/J's first time EVER going to Build-A-Bear. I wasn't sure what to expect, nor were they. As soon as we entered the store, the twins were worse than a kid in a candy store. They were so overwhelmed and astonished at the colors and the massive amounts of options. As was I. We went in order, "pick me, hear me, stuff me, fluff me, dress me." It took a little bit of time just to get to the stuff part. They were just in awe of every little detail. By the time we made it to dress the animals, I was DONE! The dressing aspect is the most challenging part because there are way too many choices. AND my idea of a cutely dressed cat and dog were not AT ALL what they desired to dress their animals in. LOL! Needless to say, we DID IT! I refused to spend another moment in that store, so we did not invest in "registering" their stuffed animals or naming them. DO NOT enter that store UNLESS you plan to spend a pretty penny. It is NOT a cheap outing. The cashier even told me that at Christmas time, some parents spend a minimum of $250 on ONE stuffed animal. SICK!!!! Regardless, these furry friends have become part of our home now. Beats having a real animal to care for :)