Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Day of Preschool For Lilah and Jax

Lilah and Jax's first day of pre-school was Thursday, September 8th. They woke up excited as ever and more than willing to get dressed. I got them dressed FIRST and then we headed downstairs for breakfast.
All items brought to school had to be labeled. Preparations for preschool was rather intense. :)
(Of course they had to bring Ms. Donna and Ms. Amy a little welcome gift! I thought these "lunch box" hand sanitizers were cute from Bath & Body works)

I didn't make anything fancy for the first day of school because I wasn't sure if we'd have time for the usual. Unfortunately they ate NONE of it, or barely anything. I guess the anticipation was killing them.
Before school started, we took some traditional "first day of school" pictures. They are so cute together aren't they?
My "handsome bunny!"

My "pretty princess!"
Jax fell down RIGHT before this picture. :(
After loading up the car, I headed to Hardees for a diet coke. On the way to school, from Hardees, we back tracked and it appeared as if we were heading to our home, but we WEREN'T. Apparently, Lilah and Jax thought I was so they both simultaneously (go figure) said, "No home mommy, no home!" Of course, I reassured them that we were NOT going home. Instead, we were going to school.
Off to school we went. The doors opened promptly at 8:55 am. In Lilah and Jax went with NO ISSUES what-so-ever. I dropped them off and they NEVER looked back.

They picked up where they left off on orientation night.

When I came back, 4 hours later to pick them up, I'm assuming, from Lilah's reaction, they had a blast. She saw me and said, "NO MOMMY!" Basically telling me she wanted to stay. LOL!!!!
(Taken after school let out)

I think it helped that familiar faces existed (Cohen and Cyrus), but Lilah has made two new girlfriends as well.... Paras and Kaitlyn. I am so happy they love it. I LOVE IT TOO! I enjoy being a mommy but I think every mommy deserves and NEEDS a break!!!!! Since school last week, Lilah nor Jaxon have had ANY accidents in their pants either. YAY!!!!!!