Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another Use For A Drink Cooler

Our entire family was in Pennsylvania this weekend for my sister Ashley's wedding. After a 6 hour car ride HOME, Darren began unpacking the vehicle, while I physically unpacked our belongings. I told Ty, "If you keep the babies occupied and happy, I will add an extra $1.00 to your allowance from last week." He did an excellent job. It's amazing, a dollar goes a LONG way in this house. Check out ONE of the ways Ty kept the twins happy and giggling galore! PS. The reason you see Jax hitting Lilah in two of these photos is because that was the object of the game. The person chasing the drink cooler had to tap the person in the cooler on the head. Jax's "tap" was more like a hit. So don't judge him. Normally, he's a sweet, gentle, loving kid to his brother and sister.

Jax's reaction to the "JERK"-ing of the cooler was captured via still photography. I had to shut my video camera off to check on him. HE was NOT happy about the "fall".