Friday, September 16, 2011

Fabulous Finds Friday!

As Christmas is approaching, I am finding it to be a tad more difficult to post "Fabulous Finds Friday" because if I do, I am disclosing all the gifts I plan to give away. Darren has reassured me that no one reads our "PRIVATE" blog anyway. He loathes that it's private and is begging for it to be public. LOL! BUT.... I have reassured him that those who I love and I know love me DO READ this blog and those are the people I am on the hunt for Christmas gifts for. ANYWHOOOO!

Last Friday, I couldn't post. I was running around like a mad dog trying to get out of town for my sister's wedding in Pennsylvania. AND, I did have some great finds, but again, they are GIFTS! I 100% promise to take pictures and share them AFTER the FACT.

I only have ONE "fabulous find" that I can share from this week's outings. I went to Sam's Club with the kids on Wednesday. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sam's around the Fall and Christmas. They always have such great and DIFFERENT gifts.

I picked up this toy set and wound up buying it because, to me, it was a steal.

1. Classic Learning TOY BOX by Melissa & Doug
Retails: $54.00 +
PAID:    $29.99

(The lacing shoe is not shown.  It's packaged up for our nephew WILL's birthday!)

Each item individually retails for...

Abacuas:                                $14.95 on amazon paid $7.50
"Tick, Tock, Shape Clock":  $14.95 on amazon paid $7.50
Lacing Sneaker:                    $12.95 on amazon paid $7.50
Wooden Magnetic Letters:   $10.95 on amazon paid $7.50

This set includes (4) INDIVIDUALLY wrapped classic toys: Abacus, "Tick Tock Shape Clock, Wooden Magnetic Letters, and a Lacing Sneaker. I checked out all of these toys on and they all received a minimum of 4 stars and a maximum of 5. Melissa and Doug are well known for their vibrant, sturdy, and well crafted toys, puzzles, and crafts. Originally, I bought this set for my nephew who just turned 4. I wanted to buy him the lacing sneaker for a while now.  His mommy is a teacher and this is the perfect age to start learning to tie, but when I couldn't find the shoe alone and saw this, I decided to get him the entire box. THEN, in all of my endeavors this week, I started collecting MORE and MORE for him and realized I went over my budget. I opened the box and to my surprise, I noticed each toy was individually AND nicely plastic wrapped. WHOOP, WHOOP! NICE!!!!!! Now, these other toys can be given to some other special kid in our life OR I can always save them for my kiddies for Christmas (although my kids have 2/4 already).

I realize this is a MORE pricier "FIND", but look at it this way, you can spend $29.99 and give out (4) gifts. That's less than $7.50 per child, plus you're saving over $25.00. Go out and get yourself a box before they run out. I know so many kids, I may have to go grab another. Is your child starting preschool, kindergarten, or even 1st great? This is a great gift!!!!! It helps your child(ren) to count, tie their shoes, tell time, and spell!!!!