Thursday, August 18, 2011

Week O' Fun

This post is about day 2 of "fitting in everything we didn't do this summer, in one week." To date, day 1 was errands and shopping for school supplies (after all, work comes before play), day 2 was the Skate Park and a late afternoon playdate with James Shelor, and da da da da, day 3 was the dreadful "Chuck E. Disease" as I like to call it.

The kids woke up so happy because they knew from the night before that that was the plan. We arrived at Chuck E. Cheese around 10:15 am and to our disappointment, look what we ran into in the parking lot (ALREADY!)...

Can you believe it? When I walked in, I said to the "greeter", "I guess we picked a bad day to come, huh?" She said, "And two more buses are on their way!" SO there were 6 buses filled with kids this day. One of them happened to be our Church's daycare center. That was cool to see some of our Church pals.

Regardless, the kids had an absolute blast. Games, Pizza, Chuck E. Cheese Show, Tickets, Prizes, and Cotton Candy. Who could ask for anything more? Oh wait, I forgot to mention the black feet and sticky hands. LOL!

Odd picture above, I know, but let me explain. This is Tyson's FAVORITE game. He pretty much plays this game the entire time. He took a break for a little while and when he went back to it, I was standing with him. He won tickets, BUT, they didn't come out. SO... I went to get the guy to help us. Apparently, 20 kids before him played this game, and didn't have a parent with them so just looked at it as a token lost. Ty retrieved not only HIS lost tickets, but 177 tickets from the 20 other children who missed out. Talk about LUCK!
It's amazing I venture out. 2 hands and 3 kids can be quite eventful.
Before I left, I approached management about the ridiculously WIMPY prize selection. Locally, they have no control over it, so I plan to contact the Chuck E. Cheese corporate office next week. Wish me luck! IT will only benefit your kiddos.

We weren't even 2 minutes into our car ride home and Lilah was PASSED out. Jax was trying to "hang with the big boys", but mommy put a halt to that as soon as we arrived home.

Sometimes the vertically challenged need a little help!