Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kids Say The Darndest Things!

Yesterday while driving home from the Skate Center, Tyson and James were discussing what movie they wanted to watch. I mentioned the movie, Marmaduke. James said, "No way. I don't like that movie. It's freaky." So we started throwing out other options. I said, "What about the Wizard of Oz?" James said, "Oh yea, I love that movie!" Of course, Ty wasn't interested. After deciding on a movie, somehow the topic of Alligator Alley came up and Tyson and James started conversing... (I think it was a play off of James saying he was freaked out by the black dog on the movie Marmaduke)

Tyson: "We went to this place called Alligator Alley and there was a HUMUNGOUS alligator there. Would that scare you?"

James: "No. I'm not afraid of anything."

Tyson: "Not even God? I'm afraid of God."

James: "Oh yea. I'm totally afraid of God."


Today, we were at Chuck E. Cheese. Our Church has a Child Development Center aka daycare and they just so happened to be there as well. I spotted a little girl from our church and I said to Ty...

Mom: "Ty, what's her name again?" (pointing to her)

Tyson: "Her name is Madison!"

Mom: "She seems like a sweet girl. Is she sweet?"

Tyson: "Moooooom! No she's not sweet. If she was sweet I would eat her."

LOL!!!!!!!!!! Kids say the darndest things!