Monday, August 22, 2011

Tyson's First Day of 1st Grade!

Back to reality! Alarms went off at 4:40 am this morning. And the routines began. Tyson welcomes 1st grade today! Please keep him in your prayers as he learns how to adjust from summer (rest, relaxation, and freedom) to school (routine, homework, football, and "stress")!!

Our house will be very quiet today :(

A small gift for Mrs. Thomsen! When Tyson saw it, he said, "Mom, no one else is going to have a gift for the teacher. Why do I have to give this to her? It will be embarrassing." HA HA.

Still runs to the bus, just like last year, but this year it seems "Alice" is NOT joining him. So who is he in a race with?

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  1. love love love this post : ) i can totally see ty being embarrassed about his teacher gifts. haha. once i made zach take cupcakes to his work to thank the varsity guys for helping move the swing set and he was like "geez, really?" haha. Ty looks like a first grader!!!


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