Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kate's 2nd Birthday Party - Lady Bug Theme

On Friday, we had the pleasure of ringing in a new year in Kate's life. We celebrated her birthday in the beautiful backyard of her home. Her mommy, Lisa, did an amazing job coordinating all of the events of the party to match the party's theme... Lady Bugs.

When we arrived the party was decorated in all kinds of red and black decor (ie. red and black with white polka dot balloons, glass centerpieces filled with black and red licorice, a beautiful and personalized banner with Kate's name on it). Those were just a few of the details that really made this birthday special.
Jax arrived like a casanova with a pink rose in his mouth for Kate! We I am training him to be the perfect gentleman!
Lisa grabbed the children's attention by placing a blanket on the floor and black "lady bug" spots on the blanket. She told each child to grab a spot and sit on it. She read them a book and after wards told the kids to get up and switch spots. Another book was read. After the final book, the child got to turn their spot over and one child had a prize to claim. It was Tyson!!!

Lisa reads two lady bug books.
The next fun game was also a craft. Each kid was told to go on a hunt for some lady bug spots. Lisa hid them the night before. Each child had to find 6 spots. Then, they had to come back and clue them onto their lady bug.
Lilah and Jax dressed in black and red to blend in with the parties theme :)

Mommy and Birthday girl do the craft together. So sweet! I barely can sit with my kids at their parties. I am always so busy. This is a great example to me.

The food was also designed to match the theme of the party. The kids menu was
1. PBJ's cut into circles with raisons on top to represent the lady bugs dots.
2. Blackberries and raspberries in a bowl.
3. Cheez It Crackers
4. Red fruit punch
5. Lady Bug Mints

How insanely CUTE are these?
All served on lady bug plates.

The cupcakes were insanely adorable. We all know that that's really what the kids look forward to at a birthday party. Lisa made these her self. HOW CUTE ARE THEY???

Cohen loved the frosting SO much that he ate it off of his foot when he dropped it on his shoe. Crazy kid.

After cupcakes, Kate opened her presents. Kate, we are so happy that we were able to be a part of your special day. I pray that God blesses this year for you. That you embrace all of the new challenges a 2 year old little girl/boy has to endure. Go easy on your mommy and daddy. Don't allow yourself to fall into the trap of a "terrible 2" year old.

Then it was play time!

The three smallest babies there! ALL BOYS!

We love you! Lisa excellent party!!! You know me. In the world of Kristin's party planning, you succeeded at the 3 biggest things I focus on 1. Invitation, 2. Cake, and 3. Favors. Way to GO!
Jax sports one of the lady bug party favors from these precious goody bags.

Enjoy viewing the entire party!