Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Night Before Preschool

My days are bombarded with finger prints, laundry, crumbs, whining, crying, arguing and spankings. Most days I want "calgon" to just "take me away!" LOL! Okay, it's really not that bad, honestly. There are actually days that are blissful. They are filled with sibling love, laughter, hugs, kisses, "yes maams" and "no maams" and obedience. These are the days I will miss and that cause my heart to ache when I consider the fact that Lilah and Jax will be going to preschool in September. Lilah and Jax have been attached to my hip since June 2008. They've been my entire responsibility minus a 4 hour, once a week break and of course when Darren is home (GOD BLESS MY SAINT OF A HUSBAND). It's time to cut the chord. I am 100% sick over it, but I also know that I will quickly get used to this break and look forward to it. This break will give me a desire to spend every waking minute with them when they are home. I will cherish it to the fullest.

Anyway, I thought it was a cute idea to buy this book for Lilah and Jax. It's the night before preschool, and a little boy named Billy is so nervous he can't fall asleep. The friends he makes the next day at school give him a reason not to sleep the next night, either: he's too excited about going back!

I've been trying to explain preschool to Lilah and Jax, but I am not sure they are completely following me. I hope this book will soothe any fears they may have about the first day of preschool, if they even exist. LOL!

Now off to buy book bags and lunch boxes for all three kids!